Early Summer, Less Is More

October 26, 2010 | | 3 Comments

Before I begin my review of Early Summer. I want to first recommend  Seven Samurai by Mr. Ozu. It’s a great film that should be watched by anyone who enjoys film. Now Early Summer, which was also directed by Ozu, is also a brilliant movie. It was such a change of pace that it caught me off guard but still kept me intrigued. Ozu took away action and dialouge and yet he still evoke emotion.  With early summer the notion of “less is more” to a new level.

The actors played their roles perfectly. Especially the young women. They hid the charactors true emotions over fake laughs and smiles. From watching many movies I can tell you thats no easy task.  The male leads played their parts well as suffiscticated men hiding emotion to provide for their family members. I love how it seemed as if the characters had no time to show their emotions. They were to busy trying to keep things as they were and be as settle as possible.

Ozu’s balanced composition and and camera placement made Early Summer look like a piece of art. Once again using “less is more” , the camera had no movements whatsoever, keeping the camera for the most part at a low angle. He also broke the 180 degree rule and put the camera where it was suited best. It worked. That in a way sums up why i love this movie. It’s unique, ballsy, and gets it’s point across with over or underwhelming us. This man is a cinematic genius. Good day

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  1.    Amy Herzog on November 3, 2010 1:16 pm

    Just a quick correction, Seven Samurai, which is a fantastic film, was directed by Kurosawa.

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