So this is it, the final film,  the final blog, the end. We finish out the year with the famous Bonnie and Clyde. Now unless you were born under a very heavy and dull rock, you’ve heard about these two lovers. They’ve been everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE. In the last decade alone you must […]

Normally when I choose to write about a movie in this class or any of my other media studies/film classes, I tend to lean towards movies I enjoyed. For this blog though I’ve decided to pull a George Constanza and do the opposite. Now I’ll admit that I didnt like some of the films we […]

Don Siegel’s 1956 thriller Invasion of the Body Snatchers, follows the story of Dr. Bennell (famously portrayed by Kevin McCarthy), as he uncovers the truth behind claims that people in his town are imposters. As it turns out, the people of the town are replaced by identical duplicates that grew from pods and plan to […]

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