So this is it, the final film,  the final blog, the end. We finish out the year with the famous Bonnie and Clyde. Now unless you were born under a very heavy and dull rock, you’ve heard about these two lovers. They’ve been everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE. In the last decade alone you must have stumbled upon them on the History channel. Discovery channel. BET, MTV, VHI, HBO , IFC, and pretty much anywhere else that you can make a documentary, music video, or movie. America seems to be in love with their story. This mostly because it has something for everyone. It has the guy who bleeds out coolness, no pun intended. The strong yet vulnerable woman. The love story, the action, everything.

For that reason I think I didn’t enjoy the movie as much as others. I didnt hate it but it wasnt one of my favorites. In fact I like a lot of it. I mean who can say no to a young Gene Hackman and GENE WILDERRRRRRR. Sorry, I love the original Willy Wonka, but I digress. My problem with the film is that it tries to be such much and it results in having characters that I dont really care for. Take for example the opening act. It was so akward and weird how the two chracters meet and suddenly being to raise hell. I get the fact that shes bored with her life and that he’s no good. I feel like that first impression wasnt really given time to flesh out. From there we get a million other subplots like Clyde not being a “lover”, Bonnie wanting to go home, Clyde wanting to appease his brother and bonnie, Bonnie wanting to be alone with Clyde, Moss and his dad, Buck’s wife disapporval of their life. That’s just off the top of my head. Now we’re all smart individuals who have seen complex movies with multiple plots (looking at you Matrix lovers.), but this movie was trying to do too much and after a certain point you want resolution, not another subplot to take up screen time, I would of been perfectly happy if the movie was actually just about Bonnie and Clyde.

I just wanna say that I enjoyed honestly enjoyed this class, I love the fact that people are so passionate about films and I especially love the fact that the professor was passionate of the subject. I loved some of the films, wasn’t sure about a few, and hated a couple. So I’ll end this blog with my top 5 list and worst 5 list of the semester.

Top 5

1. The Public Enemy

2. Physco

3. Early Summer

4. M

5. Go Go Go/Mothlight (Can’t decide which one I liked more, I love the work that was put into both)

Worst 5

1. Meshes of the Afternoon

2. Lady Eve

3. Umberto D.

4. Citizen Kane

5. Memories of Underdevelopment

There you have it,  By the way, do yourself a favor and True Grit. It cmes out at the end of this month. The Coen brothers get better with each movie and this movie is no exception. It stars Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, ans Josh Brolin. What else do you need?

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  1.    jengesser1 on December 13, 2010 8:47 am

    You should give Citizen Kane another chance. It is really well done and it portrays a bastard Media Mogul so well. I have some sympathy for Charles F. Kane at the end, but it doesn’t really excuse faking a war and destroying innocent lives.

  2.    Amy Herzog on December 29, 2010 2:30 pm

    A much belated note to thank YOU for all your enthusiastic posts! I’ve really enjoyed reading your thoughts, and was especially glad to read your positive (Go!Go!Go!/Mothlight) and negative (Meshes) reactions to the experimental screenings. I’m glad all this work got you thinking, and hope to see you in more film courses before you graduate…

  3.    Terry Simpson MD on January 12, 2015 10:21 pm

    Terry Simpson MD

    What A Way to Go Out, Bonnie and Clyde : Oneil’s Movie Blog

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